In the light of today’s current events, as a black owned brand it is our duty to not only voice our support on the issues at hand but also educating the community within and around us on the importance of supporting our black brother’s and sister’s businesses.

We live in a world today where we choose to spend our black dollars on luxury item owned by the oppressive institutions rather than to support and foster the black owned businesses of our community. The black dollar is a very important statistic to look at when we consider the issues at hand. If we as a black community put as much money into black owned businesses as we do into the oppressors, who have shown the lack of acceptance in the workplace, the stealing of our ideas for their own gains and most importantly financial separation. Yes, at hand there are many factors holding us back from achieving true freedom and equality in the fashion industry and society and if we aren’t supporting each other and uplifting the community, then we are only fueling the problem. Now is the time to wake up and realize how much influence we have as a people. The more direct support of black owned businesses allows for the advance and achievement of land, laws and institutions. We cannot depend on the someone who continues to oppress us to solve our problems! Even though they are responsible for almost all of our problems today. Its irresponsible to further their cause by supporting their narratives of what and how they portray us in fashion and society. If we want true equality, power, and freedom, we must look back into history at prosperous black ventures one such as Black Wall Street. Black Wall Street was a threat to everything this country stands for, afraid of BLACK POWER, so they burned it to the ground. Branding together and using our money within our own communities would regenerate black wall streets around major black cities. This would allow us to rely solely upon ourselves to share and expand resources instead of relying on the oppressors loans. We as a black community have to remember before slavery our history was that of great success and thriving empires, we are AFRICANS at heart and soul and we must accept that. Our destiny is in our hands, let’s take back POWER!


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