Baltimore Riots of 1968

The Baltimore riots of 1968 erupted for 8 days starting in the city’s Eastside after days of peaceful protest for racial and social injustices including doubled unemployment rates, sub par housing, high mortality rates and crime. After the murder of Dr. King in Memphis by suspected whites, tensions in the city began to boil over along with 120 other cities across the country, quickly turning into looting, as blazes were set to businesses and buildings across East Baltimore. Unable to control the crowds the mayor of the city asked for the white house to call in 5,500 national guard troops on top of the 1,200 city police and over 500 state police bought in to assist. After days of looting and rioting flares began to die down and destruction finally set in, 7 were left dead with over 700 left injured and 5,500 arrested. the damages totaled roughly around $13.5 million which equates to $79 million today. Seamlessly 50 years later Freddie Gray’s murder would reignite these same feelings with residents.

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